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Tickets are a type of currency in the game that were added in the Monsters, Inc. Update for the Weekend Challenges.

How To Obtain


Tickets can be used in Weekend Challenges or the Ticket Prize Machine.

For the Weekend Challenge, if a player plays a mission and dies before completing it, the player has either the choice to loose a life and end the mission or pay 4 tickets and continue the mission. However, if the player dies a 2nd time before completing the mission, he or she will have to pay 6 tickets. The number will keep increasing until the player looses a life or entirely completes the mission. For the Ticket Prize Machine, a player can spend 45 tickets to win a character from previous Weekend Challenges and Special Events that they do not have.

Some characters can be purchased at any time for 50 tickets. Some (possibly all) of these are not available from the ticket prize machine.


Disabled Ticket Prize Machine
  • Once you have all the characters available from the Ticket Prize Machine, it becomes disabled.
  • When playing as a diamond character, the total number of tickets to appear in the world in a single game is limited to the number left for that character for that day at the beginning of the game. So if you pass a ticket, you have to die and then start another game in order to pick it up.
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