The Lion King is a world in Disney Crossy Road. The Lion King world, takes place in The Pridelands, in which a selected The Lion King character must cross the road and avoid being run over various animals such as gazelles, rhinos and giraffes. Sometimes, players will fall on a stampede with super fast wildebeest. If they wait until right after the stampede has gone by, they can race across the stampede region to get to the other side before the next stampede. Alternatively, they can make it half way across the stampede, hide behind the only rock standing, and make the other half to get to a safe zone. Since the stampede always follows a flying bird, the player can pick the correct side of the rock before seeing any of the wildebeests in the next stampede. If the player does not move for too long, they will be taken by a vulture, which will end their round.


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