The Lion King is a world in Disney Crossy Road.



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The Lion King theme world takes place in The Pridelands. Cars have been replaced by Savannah animals such as gazelles, rhinos, and giraffes. The whole environment has been changed in a Savannah look with shrubs, savannah trees and small rocks.

Sometimes, players will fall on a stampede with super fast wildebeest. If they wait until right after the stampede has gone by, they can race across the stampede region to get to the other side before the next stampede. Alternatively, they can make it half way across the stampede, hide behind the only rock standing, and make the other half to get to a safe zone. Since the stampede always follows a flying bird, the player can pick the correct side of the rock before seeing any of the wildebeests in the next stampede.

When the player doesn't move for too long, a vulture will appear catching up the character and ending the round of gameplay. This world contains 23 figures at the moment with 1 unreleased.

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