The Jungle Book is a world in Disney Crossy Road released for The Jungle Book Update.




The Jungle Book theme world takes place in an Indian Jungle. Cars have been replaced by animals such as gazelles, rhinos, and bandar-log monkeys. Obstacles have been replaced with large thick trees with vines on it. The river was replaced with tide water along some old logs and some dark green lilypads.

While playing in this environment, lightning will often strike on a piece of land creating fire that will start spreading everywhere. Often, a barrier of fire created itself and the player became blocked, becoming doomed to die. However, in the Finding Dory Update, it was fixed and the fire removes itself after some time, leaving black ground an obstacles behind. Lightning doesn't ever spread to trails, water, or elephant crossings, and the player is sometimes directly struck by lightning, making the character black, but otherwise doing no harm.

When the player doesn't move for too long, a bandar-log monkey will appear catching up the character and ending the round of gameplay. This world contains 17 characters at the moment and 2 that are unreleased.

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New Jungle Book
Classic Characters
Mowgli | Peacock | Crocodile | Flying Squirrel | Vulture | Baloo in Grass Skirt
Rare Characters
Baloo | Kaa | Akela
Epic Characters
Bagheera | Shere Khan | King Louie
Diamond Characters
Bee Hive
Secret Characters
Classic Baloo | Classic King Louie | Bandar-Log Monkey | Elephant
Weekend Challenge Characters
Gray | Raksha