Santa Ralph is an Enchanted figure part of the Wreck-It Ralph world.




Santa Ralph is a brown haired man with large hands, wearing a Santa hat, a long sleeved red shirt with white trim and dark red overalls clipped on one shoulder. He is not wearing any shoes.

Behaviour During Gameplay

You are able to collect up to 10 Pixels per day while playing as Santa Ralph. When playing as Santa Ralph, the environment has snow on ground, and on top of some of the obstacles. There are different candy as obstacles as well as lollipops and traditional looking candy canes throughout the environment instead of the candy cane trees and other candy you see in the normal environment. You pick up presents instead of candy for a a score boost.

How To Unlock

To unlock Santa Ralph, you had to play and complete the second Wreck-It Ralph Weekend Challenge. Otherwise, you can obtain Santa Ralph from the Ticket machine for 45 tickets.

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