Pixels are a collectible and are also a currency in the game.

How to Obtain

Behavior During Gameplay

When a player uses the Gacha Prize Machine and get a duplicate, the player will earn Pixels depending on the rarity of the figure. Collecting 500 will allow you to use the Pixel Prize Machine and earn a guaranteed new figurine.


  • Pixels could only be obtained via the Gacha Prize Machine until the Alice Through the Looking Glass Update, when you could obtain them from the Daily Missions.
  • Sometimes when you play as an Enchanted character, a Pixel coin (or lots) could load in the same area where the supposed last coin is, meaning the player can collect these coins and the counter will exceed the normal amount.
  • The above may not be true anymore. When playing as an enchanted character, the total number of pixels to appear in the world in a single game is limited to the number left for that character for that day at the beginning of the game. So if you pass a pixel, you have to die and then start another game in order to pick it up.
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