New Years 2017 Imaginary Boyfriend is a Secret/Epic figure part of the Inside Out collection.


New Years 2017 Imaginary Boyfriend looks exactly like his normal counterpart but has a crown and is holding a party blower in his mouth.

Behaviour During Gameplay

He behaves exactly like his normal counterpart; multiplying into more Imaginary Boyfriends as he moves.

How To Unlock

To unlock this celebratory boyfriend, you need to complete the New Years 2017 set, which consists of New Years 2017 Joy (presumably), New Years 2017 Sadness (presumably), New Years 2017 Anger, New Years 2017 Fear, New Years 2017 Disgust, and New Years 2017 Bing Bong, or in short, buy the New Years Party bundle (EXPIRED).


  • Him, Charlie, Jenny and The Prince are the only characters that require a weekend challenge character to unlock.
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