Haunted Mansion is a world in Disney Crossy Road. 




The Haunted Mansion theme world takes place in the Haunted Mansion itself. The cars have been replaced with ghost tables, flying tables and ghost humans. The obstacles were changed in glass tables, royal chairs, and the floor has been changed in a red spooky carpet. The trains were changed with super fast ghosts that if they hit you, will end your round of gameplay.

The whole world is a very dark world and the camera will start to go darker and darker until a candlestick is lighten up. Each candlestick will lighten up the world back but only for few seconds which is why the player must lighten up as much candlesticks as he can.

When the player doesn't move for too long, a crow will appear catching up the character and ending the round of gameplay. This world contains 24 characters at the moment with 6 more on their way.

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