Hamm is a Legendary figure part of the Toy Story collection.

Behaviour During Gameplay

Unlocking Hamm will unlock the red coins, which means you can collect them as any figure, and are worth the equivalent of 5 coins. He will also drop coins (though these are merely decorative) as he progresses through the stage and he will break when the round ends.


  • Because Hamm's designed to be bought instead of being a normal character, he is not in any Toy Story character set.
  • Hamm is the equivalent of Piggy Bank from the original Crossy Road. However, Hamm costs one dollar more than Piggy Bank.
  • If the player's age is set to below 16, you can unlock him from the prize machine, albeit being the rarest character to unlock, so it'll take a while. If you see Hamm in the Toy Story section, that means you can unlock him with the prize machine.
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