Many glitches have appeared on Disney Crossy Road and some are still rising through the new updates.

  • The Loss Glitch: Arrived at Version 1.0. Perhaps one of the most common glitches, this glitch occurs when a players looses all of his data, all of his characters and everything he had won in the game. This being the most frustrating glitch, many reasons have been found for the reason of the glitch (iCloud data save lost, bad devices, versions not having compatibility with the device, ect)
  • Unlimited Coin Glitch : Arrived at Version 1.0 and was fixed at the Version 1.002. This glitch gave to thousands of players, a free gift where unlimited coins would continue rising until the app was closed.
  • Time Glitch: Arrived at Version 1.0 and was fixed at the Version 1.003. This glitch gave the ability for players to gain their free gift, advance their time clock a day ahead and gain another free gift, and continue this pattern as long as they could.
  • Loss of High Scores Glitch: Arrived at Version 1.2. This glitch has been extremely popular since the Update. The glitch occurs when a player lost his new high scores. When a player made a new high score with a character, it blocked, the app would close itself and when opened back, the new high score would be lost.
  • All Daily Mission Characters Glitch: Arrived at Version 1.2. This glitch has not been fixed yet and so anyone can still use it. This glitch gives the ability to players to unlock all the daily mission characters in advance. To do so, a player must finish his daily missions, close the app, change his local time country to another country where it is already the next day, and complete his new daily missions. Then, the player must close the app, change back to his local time, add a day ahead, and complete his new daily missions. If the player continues this pattern, the player will unlock all the daily missions by winning all the stamps.
  • Beta Version Glitch: Arrived at Version 1.3 and was fixed at the Version 1.4. This minor glitch occurs on iOS devices, sometimes when a player chooses a character, the player appears in the beta version of the world in a very light green floor, and few obstacles but comes back to its original version few seconds later.