Finding Dory is a world in Disney Crossy Road released in the Finding Dory Update.



  1. Scuba Diver


The Finding Dory world takes place in the Great Barrier Reef located in Sydney. Cars are replaced with fish of many sizes, and when playing as some characters, the sharks swim by instead. Railroad tracks are seaweed that the Mirror Fish swim through, and rivers are now the drop off from the movie, with turtles instead of logs. You can also collect seashells with any character to multiply your score, making possibilities for big high scores open. Occasionally the world will darken and a swarm of Jellyfish move by, killing all the fish and players in their way. (Marlin and Nemo are immune to this)

When the player doesn't move for too long, Mr. Ray will appear catching up the character and ending the round of gameplay. This is the only underwater themed world at the moment. This world contains 29 characters at the moment and 2 characters that are unreleased.

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