Felix is a Rare Figure part of the Wreck-It Ralph collection.


Cherries let him fix stuff!


Felix is a male with white skin, brown hair, and a large nose. He wears a blue cap with a 'Fix-It Felix, Jr.' logo on it, a light-blue short-sleeved shirt, a light-brown belt, light-brown gloves, dark-blue pants, and light-brown shoes. He also has a yellow magical hammer.

Behavior During Gameplay

Felix can pick up the cherry during gameplay. Picking it up grants a large point bonus, and allows Felix to use his hammer to make obstacles golden (fix obstacles).

How To Unlock

Felix can be won from the Prize Machine for 100 coins, won from the Pixel Prize Machine for 500 pixels, or purchased for $1.99.


  • Felix is required to complete the 'The Citizens of Niceland' set, which unlocks Deanna.
  • Felix is also required to complete the 'Top Dogs' set, which unlocks Alistair Krei.


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