Falcon Graves is an Epic figure part of the DuckTales collection.


"Ain't nobody going to stand in your way,"


Falcon Graves is an anthropomorphic bird, with dark and light gray hair and black eyebrows. He has a yellow and black beak and a light cream colored neck with dark spots. He is wearing a blue suit with a black tie and a tie pin. He is not wearing shoes, he has yellow feet with black talons.

Behavior During Gameplay

Cops are standing around and if Falcon Graves stands next to them and tries to jump/move into their space, he kicks them and they fall to the ground. Once they are kicked to the ground, they remain an obstacle.

How to Unlock

Falcon Graves can be won from the Prize Machine for 100 Coins, won from the Pixel Prize Machine for 500 pixels, or purchased for $2.99.

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