Fa Zhou is a classic character of the Mulan collection.


Fa Zhou wears an olive green robe with a dark olive green neck. The robe has a wide dark green stripe in the middle, on which Fa Zhou has a maroon-colored belt. He also wears a light gray shirt underneath his robe and has socks of the same color underneath his black slippers.

Fa Zhou has light skin and has a dark gray mustache accompanied with a dark gray beard, which connect to make a full circle around his mouth (or, at least, where his mouth would be). His head is tall and skinny and is bald on top, but has hair in the back that is the same color as his beard.

Behavior During Gameplay

Fa Zhou adds no difference to the Mulan world.

How to Unlock

Fa Mulan can be won from the Prize Machine for 100 coins, won from the Pixel Prize Machine for 500 pixels, or purchased for $0.99.


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