Exclusive character bundles are a feature added in the Christmas Update. They are bundles that come with exclusive characters available for real money purchase. They are available for a limited time and entirely focused on current holidays prior to the Beauty and The Beast Update when non-holiday bundles became available. A few weeks after a bundle expires, the characters can be won individually from the Ticket Machine if their bundle was not purchased.

List of Bundles

Holiday bundles were first introduced in the Christmas Update, along with the exclusive character bundles in general.

In the Beauty and the Beast Update, bundles that do not correlate to holidays made their debut.

Bundle Name Update Released Holiday (if applicable) World Characters Additonal Info
Wreck-it-Ralph Christmas Bundle Christmas Update Christmas Wreck-it-Ralph Elf Felix, Season's Greetings Surge Protector, Gift Giver Calhoun, Christmas Grouch King Candy, Candy Cane Sour Bill The Chrismas-themed Ralph and Vannelope are Weekend Challenge characters
Terrifying Toy Bundle Christmas Update Christmas Nightmare Before Christmas Jack-in-the-Box, Zombie Toy Duck, Vampire Teddy First and currently only bundle to share a holiday with another bundle
New Years Party Bundle Christmas Update New Year's Inside Out New Years 2017 Anger, New Years 2017 Fear, New Years 2017 Disgust, New Years 2017 Bing Bong The New Years-themed Joy and Sadness are Weekend Challenge characters, New Years Imaginary Boyfriend is from set completion (all of the characters in the bundle)
Lunar New Year Bundle Mulan Update Chinese Lunar New Year Mulan Lunar New Year 2017 Fa Mulan, Lunar New Year 2017 Mushu, Lunar New Year 2017 Li Shang N/A
Valentine's Day Bundle The Incredibles Update Valentine's Day Aladdin Honeymoon Aladdin, Honeymoon Jasmine Currently the smallest bundle
St Patrick's Day Bundle The Incredibles Update St Patrick's Day Mickey Mouse & Friends Leprechaun Mickey, Leprechaun Minnie, Leprechaun Donald Characters in this bundle could pick up pots of gold. For each pot of gold, 5 coins would be added to the player's total.
Classic Beauty Bundle Beauty and the Beast Update Beauty and the Beast Release Beauty and the Beast Classic Palanquin, Classic Mrs. Potts, Classic Lumiere, Classic Cogsworth, Classic Philippe First non-seasonal bundle, Classic Beauty and the Beast characters provide a changed Beauty and the Beast scenery
Cat Emotions Bundle Beauty and the Beast Update Inside Out Cat's Joy, Cat's Sadness, Cat's Disgust, Cat's Fear, Cat's Anger N/A
Easter Bundle Beauty and the Beast Update Easter Mickey Mouse & Friends Easter Minnie, Easter Donald, Easter Goofy Characters can pick up Easter eggs!
Earth Day Bundle Lilo and Stitch Update Earth Day Mickey Mouse & Friends Earth Day Mickey, Earth Day Chip, Earth Day Dale The bundle was free for all players for a limited time
Hawaiian Luau Bundle Lilo and Stitch Update Lilo & Stitch Luau Lilo, Luau Stitch, Luau Mertle N/A
Ghost Pirate Bundle Dead Men Tell No Tales Update Pirates of the Carribean Ghost Captain Salazar, Ghost Lesardo, Ghost Magda N/A
Mother's Day Bundle Dead Men Tell No Tales Update Mother's Day Inside Out Mom's Anger, Mom's Fear, Mom's Disgust, Mom's Joy, Mom's Sadness This bundle never appeared for purchase. It was hinted at in device notifications. These characters later appeared in the Ticket Machine.
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