Elf Vanellope is a Rare figure part of the Wreck-It Ralph collection.




Elf Vanellope is a female with white skin and black hair pulled up into a ponytail with pieces of candy in her hair. She wears a green short-sleeved dress with red trim on the sleeves and collar and a brown belt with a gold buckle. She is wearing one green and white striped stocking and one pink, green and white striped stocking. She is wearing red boots.

Behaviour During Gameplay

When playing as Elf Vanellope, the environment has snow on ground, and on top of some of the obstacles. There are different candy as obstacles as well as lollipops and traditional looking candy canes throughout the environment instead of the candy cane trees and other candy you see in the normal environment. You pick up presents instead of candy for a a score boost.

How To Unlock

Elf Vanellope was originally obtainable by playing the second Wreck-It Ralph Weekend Challenge until the second bar is filled. After the event ended, Elf Vanellope can still be obtained from the Ticket Machine for 45 tickets.