Daily Missions are a new feature which were added in the Alice Through The Looking Glass Update.

It consists of 3 missions that are available every day and that will change every day, even if they aren't completed. Each mission completed will give a reward, one that will help in any case in unlocking a character.

Challenges Listing

Challenge No. Figure Uses Prize
1 Chosen Classic Figure Stamp, collecting 6 stamps will unlock a new daily mission figurine
2 Randomly chosen theme Coins, Pixel Coins, or Tickets
3 Randomly chosen Rare or Epic figure Coins, Pixel Coins, or Tickets

Unlockable Figures


Lilo & Stitch

Beauty and the Beast

The Incredibles



Nightmare Before Christmas


Monsters Inc.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Finding Dory

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Jungle Book


Mickey Mouse and Friends

Toy Story

Haunted Mansion

Lion King

Big Hero 6


Inside Out

Wreck it Ralph


Note that the third mission is asking the player to use Turbo, a currently unreleased figure from the Wreck-It Ralph theme.


  • Many Daily Missions have appeared which are impossible to complete. They include:
    • Hop on logs in the Haunted Mansion (Problem: There are no logs in this world)
    • Scare birds in Wreck-It Ralph (Problem: There are no birds in this world)
  • If you collect all the daily mission characters, then the daily missions disappear, resulting in no prizes until there are more daily mission characters. This becomes a problem for Ticket collectors because this is the only way to obtain the currency for free with the exception of leveling up characters to their 1st or 4th star.
  • A glitch causes a player's missions for the day to restart when the app is force-closed. This can be used to get multiple stamps in the span of one day.

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