Cupcake Ralph is a Secret/Rare figure part of the Wreck-It Ralph world.

He was officially released as one of the new secret characters in the Aladdin update, but the creators stated that he was not fully implanted into the game yet. He became unlockable in The Nightmare Before Christmas Update as a daily mission character.


He's a cupcake with a tasty trail.


Cupcake Ralph is a variant of Ralph, stuck inside a cupcake. He has messy brown hair and a large nose. His hands and feet are covered with some sticky, gloppy mint from the mint river, and cupcake sprinkles. The cupcake has white icing, pink, blue, yellow and cyan sprinkles, a chocolate sponge, and a red velvet cupcake case.

Behavior During Gameplay

When Cupcake Ralph moves, he leaves a trail of cupcake icing and sprinkles on the floor, which will disappear after a few seconds. Otherwise, there are no changes to the Wreck-It Ralph environment.

How to Unlock

You can unlock Cupcake Ralph by completing six daily missions, although you may have to do this multiple times as there are numerous daily mission figures.


  • Cupcake Ralph is one of the many variants of Ralph, with others including Santa RalphHero's Duty Ralph, and Wedding Tuxedo Ralph.
  • He was revealed when a modded APK file of Disney Crossy Road was released onto the internet, allowing players to play as him and many other unreleased figures.
  • According to DaMobile Mob and Disney Dan, they got a call from Hipster Whale stating that Cupcake Ralph was accidentally mislabeled as a regular secret character with the words, "Not available from the prize machine" when the Aladdin update was originally released. They then revealed that Cupcake Ralph is actually an official daily mission character.
  • Although it was released in the Aladdin Update as a secret character, the support defined it as a pre-release, as there was still no method to unlock him until the The Nightmare Before Christmas Update he was officially released as a daily mission character.


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