Aladdin is one of the worlds in Disney Crossy Road. It was released on September 29th, 2016.




  • Aladdin is the only world with at least one character of each rarity


The Aladdin theme world takes place in the Market of Agrabah. Cars have been replaced with Agrabah peasants, salesmen, cart-pulling horses, and sheep. The trains have been replaced with a caravan of camels running at a fast pace with the front and back camels wearing purple saddles, and the rest of the camels wearing pink saddles. There are food stands, barrels, purple pots, boxes, and buildings on the terrain. The terrain is covered in sand, the roads are dry but not filled with concrete, and there are no rivers nor lilypads.

Sections of hot coals will appear, with one or more coal stones in the middle of the coals. The player needs to tap really fast in order to get through the coals. The platforms helps the character heal from the coals so they won't get burnt. While going across the coals, your character will start to burn from feet to head. If the player stays on the coals for a while or not recover from them, then the character will completely burn in ashes, and the round ends. When the player plays different rounds, some hot coal sections will be small and short, while other hot coal sections are long and big.

When the player doesn't move for a while, the Magic Carpet (only if you're playing as a character besides Magic Carpet) or Iago (if you're playing as Magic Carpet) will appear catching up the character thus, ending the round. This world contains 27 characters at the moment with 4 more to be released.

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Aladdin | Jasmine | The Sultan | Prince Achmed | Gazeem | Razoul
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Jafar Cobra
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